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About us

Nativkrop Food Systems

Native Crop Food Systems, is a venture promoted by a team of like minded FFF (Friends From Forty years) with a vision to promote a variety of traditional foods, rich in nutrition, to the today’s consumer whose lifestyle has led to premature ailments such as Diabetes and Obesity amongst others.

The team of Native Crop consists of successful professionals from a varied background such as Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, Land & Building Development, Motorsports etc. The one common goal of our team is to address a few of the socio-economic challenges our country is facing and rather than being silent spectators, we are setting out on a mission to play a part in bringing about positive changes, even if it is small, through building awareness and implementation.

Promotion of Millet Based food products is one of our first initiatives. Millets, also known as Nutri-Cereals have a high nutrition content which includes protein, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, anti-oxidants and B-Vitamins. Some of the known benefits of Millets include: Lowers LDL, prevents Type II Diabetes, maintains healthy blood sugar levels because of its low Glycemic Index (GI), Improves bone health, Improves nerve function and other benefits. Native Crop, through it’s extensive Research & Development efforts, has developed a variety of tasty, ready to cook food mixes. These food mixes come with easy to understand instructions and has been packed with quantities, keeping in mind, small & medium sized families, students, working professionals, etc. Our products are manufactured in a clean and hygienic environment by a team of young and enthusiastic food specialists.

We understand that we are not the first to offer such food systems but certainly we will work towards being the BEST. It is also our endeavor to promote small and micro-entrepreneurs to make a livelihood or enhance their earnings. We will train them on the awareness and promotion of our products. We request your encouragement and support to these micro entrepreneurs.